Oz Weather Plus

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Intelligently designed and updated for iOS11 – All the essential Australian weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology – presented quickly, clearly and elegantly – plus powerful and unique new features!

Includes watch app with current weather data in complications on the watch face, and even an augmented reality radar viewer!

► Forecasts – so you know what to expect for the week ahead, in beautifully colourful, clear and readable presentation
► Current Weather – so you know what is happening now (for ALL your nearby locations)
► Recent Weather – so you know how we got here (with 3 day history tables and graphs)
► Animated Radar – so you know where it is raining, and whether it is heading your way (with animated radar image loops), also now fully zoomable, with crosshairs centred on your own location
► Tide data and graphs
– For hundreds of primary and secondary tide sites around Australia
► Push Notifications
– App badging with current temp, forecast max, warnings
– Local warnings alerts
► Widget on the Notifications screen – with 3 in-app options for forecast format – brief text, long text, graphical
► NEW and UNIQUE to this app – Weather Alarms!!!
– For example when the temperature crosses any threshold, like 35C
– Or the windspeed, or amount of rain, or humidity level, etc…
► Lots More Features (just some of many..!)
– Rainfall forecast maps for up to 4 days ahead
– Map showing all nearest local observations
– Map of major cities’ observations and forecasts
– Map of state and nationwide latest observed temperatures
– Synoptic history maps and forecast maps
– National satellite cloud image loops
– Forecast maximum UV index map

– 7 day forecasts for more than 500 official forecast locations
– Detailed local observations for more than 800 locations, typically updated every 10 mins
– Each forecast location includes up to 10 nearest official observation locations, accessible by side-scrolling action.
– 50+ rain radar locations around Australia
– Weather and radar data delivery has been carefully optimised to arrive quickly on your iPhone

This application was created by an Australian app developer with a passion for meteorology and making great useful and fun apps. The original Oz Weather made it to #1 in the Australian app store – and this new version is way more advanced!

– This application contains weather data *only* for Australian locations. It is offered to overseas users only for those who want to keep an eye on Australian weather.
– Your feedback is welcomed, and the application includes an email link on its About screen for that purpose ([email protected])