開発:Alex Vavilov
容量:15 MB


The program is made to score the diving competition.

The program is used to:
– calculate the total score of several competitions, save them and divide into groups;
– create any amount of divers, dives and judges, name them, amend, change the order or delete;
– enter judges scores, save and change them;
– get immediately the total score of a dive and see the distribution of places after performed dives;

With the help of this program coaches, parents and spectators have opportunity to enter judges’ scores, see intermediate total of dives (preliminary place distribution of performed dives and in iPad version, additionally, distribution of a performing dive) and total score of the competition.
The reason to create this program was that not every competition, especially local, have a scoreboard and often spectators get to know the score only at the end of the competition.
Generally the program is made for divers’ fans and supporters as they have to make notes on a piece of paper to check the total score. This program solves the problem, especially comfortable is multi-touch.
But coaches can also use this program when they hold competitions without special devices except paper records and calculator. One shouldn’t waste time for calculating, the program itself drops the highest and lowest score and gives the total score.

When using iPhone version better turn off phone function during competition (turn on flight mode) or incoming call won’t let to enter scores.

In the future the program is been constantly developing and improving, so if you have any suggestions, please, feel free to contact me by an e-mail: [email protected]