eVario – Variometer Paraglider

開発:Jean-Marc Meyer
容量:17 MB


The new eVario features a compulsory barometric altitude/ascent, a g-force sensitive accelerometer, a magnetic compass and a GPS based locator. eVario is your navigation companion during your adventure trip to display, record and feedback location movements in realtime by visual and acoustical feedback related to the embedded device’s sensors. It typically provides real time information of a variometer, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, speedometer, odometer for every (air)craft pilot, sailer or trail walker. It automatically records your location and provides the recorded track file as a downloadable file via iTunes, and ready to import in your location visualisation tool.

* Great for biking, hiking, running, sailing, skiing, flying, paragliding, geocaching, etc…
* Clear dashboard of real time data
* Automatic GPS track recording
* Gives you control of sensor settings
* Adjust the displayed data fields in cockpit as you wish
* Visualize your position on outdoor map
* Optimized for battery saving (use up to 6 hours)
* Save your tracks using iTunes
* Runs without additional/external hardware
* Pure, intuitive and Ad-free application

* Measurement cockpit
* Multiple sensors
* Display digital measurement values
* Display in portrait and landscape mode
* Data visualisation cells with title/unit and bar graph (ascent/descent)
* Track and thermal hotspots visualisation on map
* Waypoint setting
* Connected variometer (map, detailed weather, SOS)
* Online/Offline outdoor map data incl. altitude/ascent instruments
* Metrics like relative/absolute/barometric/maximum altitude, speed above ground, vertical speed, max. vertical speed, ascent/descent rate, glide ratio, wind direction/speed estimation, track distance, distance to target, current time, track duration, atmospheric pressure, acceleration, min./max. acceleration, magnetic or gps-based course, gps coordinates, location accuracy, gps fix status, SOS location sharing, battery capacity
* Background recording capability (also when running another foreground application)
* 3D track log
* Share track records (gpx/igc) via iTunes
* Detailed configuration settings
* Personalisation

Measurements Fields
Altitude MSL: current absolute GPS altitude
Altitude Rel.: height difference to absolute GPS altitude
Altitude Baro.: barometric relative altitude difference to absolute GPS altitude. Tap on field to set the altitude reference to current altitude.
Speed: horizontal speed above ground
Ascent: vertical speed. Sink values are displayed in red
Bargraph: Ascent/Descent Visualisation
Time: current local time
Time Track: track time with automatic timer start/stop upon movement detection
Acceleration: current cumulated geo-gravitational acceleration. Tap on field to reset the acceleration peak hold
Acceleration Min/Max: current minimum/maximum acceleration. Tap on field to switch between acceleration peak
Glide Ratio: ratio of distance variation to height variation
Course: current cardinal course
Wind: current wind estimation as speed from direction
Accuracy: current accuracy of GPS location. Tap on field to switch between vertical and horizontal accuracy.
Pressure: current air pressure and relative altitude. Tap on field to set altitude to current GPS reference
Latitude: current location coordinate
Longitude: current location coordinate
Dist. (WPT): Linear Distance to Waypoint (WPT). Tap on field to set the current location as reference.
Dist. (Start): Linear Distance to Track Start
Dist. (Therm): Linear Distance to last Thermal Ascent
Battery: textual state and charge level
Alt Max.: the highest altitude record among application use
Ascent Max: the highest vertical ascent speed
Track Point: counter for recorded track points

Supported display languages: EN, FR, DE, ES

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