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WORKS OFFLINE – Expand your English vocabulary or find just the right word for the assignment, our comprehensive word selection, and simple search options will have you using this app every day. With a minimalist display designed for functionality, it features visual cues, like usage guides and regional flags, and easy navigation between detailed results.

One of the largest collections of synonyms and antonyms featuring pronunciation, it includes not only single terms but phrases and complete colloquial proverbs. This wide-ranging collection of terminology is intended to be a professional writing aid for native speakers and a reliable tool for those learning the language. Internet connection needed only for the spell checker.

What makes this English Thesaurus unique?

• The fact that you may enter set phrases, not only single terms, as valid entries.

• The fact that you may obtain synonyms of parts of speech usually not included in other thesauri, such as exclamations, prepositional phrases, ​and idiomatic verbs. Even proverbs have their synonyms!

• Vast database; no less than 1,767,000+ synonyms and 361,000+ antonyms.

• 349,000+ English words and 25,000+ pictures.

• Meaning Descriptors to help distinguish between the different word meanings.

• Strict coherence of each synonym set. Transitive verbs yield only transitive synonyms. Intransitive verbs yield intransitive synonyms. Meanings and connotations of words are never mixed.

• Phonetic transcription following IPA standards in American and British English.

• Sync your favorites among your devices with Dropbox

• You may now enter plurals as valid entries.

• Customize using available themes, background color, and font.

• Fuzzy Search: Detects misspelled words and offers close suggestions.

* Please note this is a Thesaurus and therefore includes only English synonyms, no translations nor verb conjugations. Our General Reference Dictionary includes all those.




Very useful

Useful, handy, helpful, of great assistance, convenient as well as valuable and widely applicable.

Great thesausrus

This is a really great thesaurus, worth many many times its selling price and much better than many other thesauri in the store. The corpus is ample, the user interface friendly, and the design very classy! A pleasure to use! Greatly recommended!!





同意語(反意語)として どのような単語があるのかを見ることで単語のイメージを膨らませることは非常に重要だと思います。英語圏での英単語の概念と私たち日本人が使う日本語は必ずしも一致しませんから、英語は”英語のまま”学ばなければならないことは英語教育においても絶対に必要不可欠でしょう。まぁ前提となる一定の語彙力は必要であることは言うまでもないですが。


あとカラーであるので 見やすいということも挙げられます。

App freezes!

This application is so awesome. I use it all the time when I have to do my work. 😉 But there’s one problem. After I updated this latest version, the application won’t start. It always freezes! I can’t use it anymore. I’ve tried to reinstall many times, but it’s still same. I use iPhone4, iOS 6.1.2. Please help! Thanks. 😉