VNC Pocket Office Pro

開発:Parys Technografx Ltd
容量:29 MB


Now Universal…The fastest, most configurable, most versatile Remote desktop VNC app available.Full screen view. Incorporates features like WOL, Bonjour and 3D Cube interface. Full inbuilt HELP & setup guide + links to Video tutorials.

Connect to Mac, PC or Linex using or running:

-Mac OX Screen sharing
-UltraVNC (recommended)
-Vine (Mac)
– Screen sharing (Mac)


— iOS7 32/64Bit compatible.
— Lion easy login setup with auto connect.
— Can store up to 100 connection setups.
— Auto connect option.
— Live+ and Icon+ modes for magnification box
— On screen Joypad option.
— Option menu screen upgrade.
— AMX Compatibility under VNC connection.
— Optional save state per connection.
— Screen functions retained in session when re-connecting.
— Software screen lock.
— 3D Cube interface.
— Bonjour discovery for fast easy connection.
— Built in Help, setup & advanced support features.
— Supports any screen size including multi screens (dependent on device memory size)

— Compatible server scaling for ultra-fast response with compatible VNC servers.
— Virtual mouse or touch gestures for precise control. Including drag/drop & all 3 mouse buttons.

— Mini map feature for fast movement over large or magnified screens now with size adjustment for the iPad.

— Wake up On Lan settings.
— Built in multi keyboards options for Mac & PC.
— 8 Built in Encoding options.
— Sticky keys for 3D game control.
— Full control over connection settings; encoding, colour resolution, server scaling etc.
— Colour depth settings 8 /64 /256/ max

VNC Pocket Office enables you to:

-View websites with Adobe Flash
-Run and see any application on your PC/Mac`s desktop.
-Remotely control PowerPoint and Media Players.
-Access your Email,document and pictures etc when away from your computer.
-Administer technical support to PC`s Mac`s and servers for remote IT assistance.
-Recover that important info you left on your computer.

Mouse emulation :-

Left or right mouse click or scroll wheel using virtual mouse, or by single double or triple touch control. Signal touch to move the mouse to that point on the screen.

Two finger pinch/stretch


The fastest VNC viewer using inbuilt game derived technology. Can even view video from host over WiFi at 30< frames per second. See video at Fast connection setup over Bonjour. Third party implementation - URL Schema available See video or For FAQ goto