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Writemator is based on old WriteRoom app for iOS with all bug fixes and new features.
Writemator is a text editor designed to help you focus. Instead of bombarding you with lots of buttons and features like many traditional word processing packages so often do, Writemator is a plaintext editor with dropbox sync. That means no bold, italic or other formatting, no markdown (though you could write in markdown if you wanted to) and no support for adding pictures or other media. While the application is sparse on features, it is well thought out.

If you’re a student spending long nights on your research paper, a journalist writing up your latest piece of news, or a novelist intensely typing away on your next creative work — Writemator is an app for you on your iOS devices.

• Updated for iOS 11 – iOS 9
• Updated to support 64 bit architectures
• Distraction-free interface keeps your text in focus
• Dropbox Sync API V2. Support both “Sync Automatically” and “Manual Sync”
• Writemator allows you to choose the folder with which you link in your Dropbox account
• Support TextExpander Touch Expansion. Updated to the latest SDKs of TETouch
• Support Split View/ Multitasking feature for iPad Pro
• Drag and Drop Support (for items like plain text, xml, html, URLs, etc.) of iOS 11 (only in Split View)
• Document Picker Support. Support “Import” and “Export” methods of document picker
• Touch ID and Passcode and Face ID support
• Search tool that lets you search for and find every document that contains your search text
• Fast and powerful search inside a file to search text in a file. Works great even for a document with more than 500,000 words
• Drag-to-scroll scroll bar for quick navigation bigger documents. Just like desktop app scrolling
• In full-screen view, tap margins to move cursor toward margin (iPad only)
• Many new fonts are added like iA Writer Duospace, IBM Plex, SF UI Text, Roboto, Menlo, Bitter, etc. More than 150 fonts are available
• Extended keyboard row with customizable keys
• Dark Mode keyboard
• Customize your text and background color to any color, line spacing, font size to make your own writing room
• Line spacing is improved from the older version of WriteRoom
• Change brightness of the screen (useful if you are in split view mode)
• Tint cursor/selected text/buttons/etc.
• Sort the folder list by name or date, descending.
• Hide or unhide status bar. Dark mode status bar for dark background
• Scroll headings during typing to hide headings
• Rename your document or folder
• Swipe to delete a document or a folder
• Detect links in a document
• Support text right to left (useful for writers for languages like in Arabic)
• AirDrop/ Open In… feature support
• Powerful URLs scheme support
• Hide or show file extensions (support various file extensions of plain text like html, css, plain text, ft,taskpaper
• Project is based on the old WriteRoom source code. Source code is updated to support ARC (automatic reference counting), size classes.
• Writemator is built using the latest Xcode 9.x
• Support all iOS devices (iOS 11 – iOS 9) including iPhone X
• A new app icon

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Have a great time ahead!
-Amit Chaudhary