Multy – bitcoin & ether wallet

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Multy is a simple and easy to use open-source blockchain wallet for:
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

It’s inspired by true blockchain ideology, that is:
– you shouldn’t trust anybody
– you are the only person that have control over your crypto assets
– no trusted third-party is required to make transactions
– all transactions go directly into blockchain nodes.

Multy’s main features are:
1. No registration needed. Just write down your seed phrase someplace safe and you can restore access to your assets from any other device.
2. Your seed phrase and private keys never leave your device. Furthermore, they are strongly encrypted and stored.
3. It is safe against rooting your phone. If somebody stole your phone and tries to take control over your assets, Multy detects that and erases all stored data.
4. Easy backup – the only thing you should care about is your seed phrase. With that you can restore access to your wallets from any device.
5. User-friendly interface – we ran extra mile to provide you with the best UX and the most responsive UI.
6. Everything under control – you have absolute control over your assets, transactions, fee amount, wallets, and funds.
7. Crypto Contacts. You can connect any address to any Contact from your address book. After that any transaction will be shown in the app from this person.

We support Bitcoin and Ethereum right now, but more crypto assets are coming soon.


As we mentioned before, all local data is strongly encrypted with AES-256 algorithm. And we took extra care to prevent any other app or process from accessing it. Rooting the device wouldn’t help either – that is immediately detected and local data is purged to prevent unauthorised access.

We do send some data to our own servers, but only data that is public anyway:
– your wallet addresses
– your wallet amount
– ip address
– signed transaction to put it into blockchain node.

We also send some additional data in order to improve your experience:
– device id
– push token for push notifications
– UI analytics events to improve UX over time

So even in unlikely event of our server being hacked, your assets are not going to be compromised!

Enjoy the most fastest and user friendly bitcoin wallet.

Multy – crypto assets that’s really yours.